PCD : Propaganda Cum Distribution

PCD is commonly known as Propaganda cum distribution. PCD or Franchise is the branch of a Pharma company, which is established to distribute the range of products manufactured by the parent company to the people of that local area. If an entrepreneur obtains the Franchise for that particular area, he will be given the opportunity to sell and distribute the manufactured products in that area. The products are sold at reasonable prices such that the distributor will gain good profit on the products like syrups, injections, tablets and veterinary medicines and so on.

Requirements to be a Pharma Franchise

The person who is interested to maintain a Franchise is offered with an opportunity to gain district wise monopoly rights on the drugs that are manufactured by the parent Pharma company. RPL allows the PCD on the monopoly basis to be able to supply the high quality and branded products to the community without much competition.RPL offers the products to the Franchise at competitive prices. If the person is provided with monopoly rights, no one else will be able to sell the products of RPL in that local area which can bring considerable profits to the PCD/Franchise.

Productive Franchise Network Across India

The doctors, distributors and medical representatives are provided with several gifts, which can help the PCDs to endorse the RPL products in the local area without spending extra amount. The marketing team will be able to assist the distributors to market the products of the company in the local area. RPL is keen in providing hygienic and better quality packing for the medicines. The high quality packing material allows the drugs to stay safely and be beneficial for longer time. The pharma Franchises will be provided with the annual incentives, promotional schemes for every month, execution of the orders for every 24 hours, and product manuals. The market demands are studied well and novel molecules are introduced every month to help the Franchises to attain fast growth and deep penetration into the indian market.