Rhone Pharmacie Ltd., has grown immensely in the last few years and is working towards improving its profile to the international standards and improving formulation-wise. RPL is planning to register all of its brands in the international markets and in those markets that are improved by high quality field force. RPL intends to retain its leadership position in the market among its key therapy areas, in the future. The company also is planning to attain leadership in new therapeutic segments into which it has entered. RPL is especially capable of maintaining prescription driven sales in the major global markets such as Russia, Asia, SouthEast Asia, Africa, Middle East and China. RPL will develop a strong network and company equity as well as be a brilliant franchise partner with a company extending to license out its products across the markets.

Pharma Franchise Offer

RPL is keen to develop a profound respect in the high-value markets by building its portfolio that comprises of complex and simple-to-file products. RPL plans to improve with an edge in technology and cost advantage. RPL proposes to play a significant role as a global challenge by the year 2020. According to the vision of RPL, the company emerges quickly as a real Indian multinational. As per the strategy we have developed in achieving our vision, RPL has developed pharma franchise – pcd distributor , joint ventures and contract manufacturing.

Monopoly Franchise in Pharma PCD

It is estimated that in the previous few years, Indian Pharma market has grown by nearly 12 to 15 percent. This rate of growth is considered as immense compared to that of the United States or European pharma market growth. It is expected that the growth of Indian pharmaceutical companies will be at the same rate and India will rank as one of the top five global markets by the year 2030. By the advent of the domestic pharma companies to survive consistently in the current scenario, RPL has taken steps to keep it on the top. we are focusing on the domestic pharma sales, investments in Research and development , spending on brand build-up, following GMP and SOP norms and high value generic business.