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Top PCD pharma franchise companies in India

Propaganda cum distribution represents PCD which explains the selling of pharmaceutical drugs by the individual dealers. This pharma business is done through a franchise established by parent pharma companies. The franchisee has the liberty of selling the products of his choice in the area of his choice. PCD pharma franchise gives an opportunity to start your own profitable business in any region of your choice.

One of the top most PCD franchise pharma companies in India sells an extensive range of high quality allopathic drugs as a part of alternative medicine. Apart from that this company supplies medicines in the form of syrups, capsules and tablets. The company is keen at preparing the medicines with hygienic ingredients provided by the reliable and knowledgeable market suppliers. The PCD pharma franchise has committed, goal-oriented and idealistic entrepreneurs associated with the wide range of customers.

Some of the top pharma companies are recognized as manufacturers, exporters, promoters and traders of pharmaceutical drugs that are released in the form of capsules, oral syrups, injectables, tablets and energy drinks. The best PCD pharma companies follow good manufacturing practice standards that are used to deliver nearly 250 branded products that are efficiently manufactured and are prepared with quality.

Healthcare associated companies supply and trade medical drugs. The companies are able to manufacture more than 900 products of high quality, checked by drug controller general of India. The company also claims to be possessing necessary tools for carrying out effective PCD pharma marketing. One of the top pharmaceutical companies provides pharmaceutical drugs in the forms such as capsules, ointments, beta-lactum, injectables, powder, tablets and softgelatin capsules. These companies claim to supply effective products used in the medical industry and they also follow ethical business marketing practices and operations that are impressive. The infrastructure of the manufacturing facilities of these companies constitutes research and development units, product testing laboratories and a unit for packaging and warehousing. The units are also equipped with state-of-art tools and machines that follow latest technologies to serve the consumers with drugs of highest quality.

The top pharma companies also manufacture and market the formulation types to improve or revive the life of the patient. Some of these companies are able to follow the strict GMP rules to focus on the distribution of high quality drugs like antibiotics, analgesics, gynae, Ayurvedic preparations, suspensions, syrups and injectables.

The manufacturing units of PCD pharma franchise companies are certified by an ISO 9001-2008 certification along with WHO-GMP. Some of the PCD pharma companies focus on making anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal products, skincare medicine, vitamins, injectables, and so on. The company also provides anti-acidic, anti-fungal, anti-colds, anti-bacterial, and herbal products. There are some companies that can produce more than 5500 products of high quality.

Some of the top pharma companies in India are mostly involved in making branded generics market. The Indian pharma market has increased 17.46% from US $6billion in the year 2005. It is expected to increase to US$55 billion by the year 2020. About 20 percent of generic market in the entire world is supplied by India. India has 70 percent of market share in terms of revenue by the generic drugs.

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